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Setting Up Your KRegistry Sites: Revision

KRegistry is an Online Gifts & Events Registry Platform. Users can register on the Platform to setup their Gifting Events such as Graduations, Birthday and other types of Parties, Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Reunions and other Events where they may be receiving Gifts. They can also setup the Events for Online Registration and Control for those actually attending the Event. They can list the sources and suppliers of the Gifts with options for Gift givers to choose and deliver. The actual Events with photos and videos can also be managed and archived online at

Setting Up Your KRegistry Sites

  1. Register on the Platform, and then Login with your User Name and Password.
  2. Go to Groups on the Main Menu and create a new Group for your Gifting Event, and give it a unique and descriptive name. You can open as many as three (3) Groups for different Events within a six (6) month period as needed. The Group will serve as the primary Center for the management of the Event on the Platform. You should use the Group description section to explain the purpose of the Group, the Event, and details of any Gifts desired and the sources of potential Gifts.
  3. You will then use the Events module on the Main Menu to setup the actual Event which will allow your Invitees or others you approve to sign up to attend or otherwise participate in the actual Event.
  4. You will then invite by email, or any other means including some available through the Platform, all of the people who may be interested in Gifting and attending the Event. They will need to Register on the Platform and then request permission to join the Group. You will also be able to add them to the Group manually as needed. They will then also be able to sign up and RSVP on the Events module if they will be attending the actual Event.
  5. As the Administrator of the Group there are many things you will be able to control and manage for the group such as setting up various modules for Photo Albums, Videos, and other functions for Group Members. There is a Market, and a Vouchers module for items which may be used as Gifts and Tickets as needed. Group Members will then be able to interact with you and each other through these modules. The utilization of these modules and functions are limited only to the imagination and needs of the Group Administrator and members, and can be made private only to members of the Group.
  6. All postings made to the Group can be automatically distributed to each member of the Group. This serves as a powerful communication tool for the Administrator of the Group and Event Manager.
  7. A unique system which awards Points to Group Members and Registrants on the Platform based on their utilization of the various functions on the Platform can be used to give awards to members as needed. Points awarded can be accumulated and used in various Contests between members, and provide Gifts to the winners.
  1. Prime Membership
    Registration and utilization of all sections and modules of KRegistry is free and most users will be able to easily manage all functions themselves. However those who do not have the time or inclination to manage their site themselves can get assistance in managing their sites by becoming a Prime Member. If your Event or Site will be charging its Invitees, Attendees or Users any fees, you will need Prime Membership. Prime Membership is a onetime fee of $100 which covers the following services for a period of six (6) months. You may re-enroll in Prime Membership as needed.
  2. Prime Members can open as many as six (6) Groups and Events within a six month period. They also have access to the Prime Membership Club Center which provides members special gifts and privileges available online within the Hannaian Publishing System.
  3. Prime Members will be assigned a Prime Site Manager which they can communicate with through Email, or the Chat functions on the Platform. Services covered are limited to assistance in using Site Functions.